Skin Rebuild 140



Skin Rebuild 140 Formula Pack by HealthologyLab

Skin Rebuild 140 is a premium anti-aging cosmeceutical treatment pack, which combines state-of-the-art skin rebuild technology, customized skin care solutions, some finest cosmeceutical ingredients and the strictest standards of quality control.




Personalized Regimen

When it comes to professional facial procedures, customization is a relatively revolutionary concept. Most anti-aging skin care procedures offer the same or similar products to all different skin types. Skin Rebuild 140 is a personalized skin care regimen that provides the best matches for individual needs.



140 Skin Elements

Our efforts on product formulation aim at exceeding the expectation of our customers. 140 is the number of skin nutritional elements that we can find in healthy human skin. Skin Rebuild 140 delivers an exclusive mix of cosmetic supplements that target at improving skin’s resilience and enabling skin rejuvenation effectively and almost instantly.



Highest Standards

Our commitment to top quality calls for the highest and strictest standards of our professional practice. We use only the original and genuine products distributed by the world renowned pharmaceutical groups, guaranteeing that no unknown substances are mixed in our product list. All of our products and treatments have been approved by FDA and MFDS respectively of the United States and Korea, two of the most prominent authorities in drug safety in America and Asia.